10X Eye Pads (16€)

10X Eye Pads (16€)


We are pleased to introduce our new range of Hydro Gel Eye Pads.  

The 3 stage structure adopted in our Hydro Gel Pads enhances their effect and allows the air to pass through the pad whilst a the same time preventing the active ingredients in the Hydro Gel from evaporating into the air. This is a Patented Design (Patent No. 10-0871282). 

Other Benefits:-

* Slim Design

* Wrinkle free

* Non Slip

* Perfectly shaped

* Soothing

*Bright Coloured surface (meaning the eyelashes are clearly visible to the lash technician. The matt surface also prevents the reflection of light)

* Smooth surface (the top surface of the eye pads have been coated with polyurethane so the tip of the tweezers do not interfere with any lint).

Each re-closable Pack includes 10 Pairs of Hydro Gel Eye Pads. After opening keep the pack in refrigerator for best results.

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