Complete Shield Set 15 Pairs in total [Total Lash Lift] (23.00€)

Complete Shield Set 10 x Small, Medium, Large Silicon Curlers / Shields 15 Pairs in total (Total Lash Lift) 23.00€


10 x Small Silicon Curlers/Shields (5 pairs).

10 x Medium Silicon Curlers/Shields (5 pairs).
10 x Large Silicon Curlers/Shields (5 pairs).
These Silicon Curlers/Shields have a unique curve and are designed in three sizes to suit the needs of each Clients eyes (the size refers to the length of the natural lash and not the width of the pad – they can be trimmed to length using scissors).

Note – the smaller the Silicon shields the more curved the lashes will be.

Για τις φίλες που έχουν παρακολουθήσει και ολοκληρώσει σεμινάρια στην Extending Beauty by KB ισχύουν ειδικές τιμές.

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