Eyeluvlashes Fan (23€)

Eyeluvlashes Fan (23€)


This hand held portable USB Mini Fan from Eyeluvlashes is a perfect solution for helping disperse fumes from the clients eye area and assists in curing the glue. 

Package includes:-

Eyeluvlashes Mini Fan (Pink – as per picture)

USB Charging lead

Hand Strap

Charging Instructions:-

Max Charging Period 3 hours (will provide 6 hours of use). Use the USB Charging lead to charge from a computer/USB port, led light will turn red when charging and turn to green when fully charged. 

Instructions for Use:- 

Ensure the fan is turned off. Slide the black plastic cover on the back in the direction of the arrow to remove the back cover. Remove the sponge and soak for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Once the sponge is just damp (with no excess water run off) put back in the fan and re-attach back cover. 

By dampening the sponge the air produced by the fan will be a few degrees cooler and contain more moisture which will assist with glue curing.  

The fan can also be used withot the sponge if preferred – just remove as per instructions above.

Technical Data:-

Fan Speed 8000 rpm

Operating current 280mA

Operating Voltage 305mAh

Charging Period – 3 hours

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