Perming Lotion Sachets (20.00€)

Perming Lotion Sachets


10 x Perming Lotion Sachets (Total Lash Lift) 20.00€

10 x Perming Lotion Sachets (also known as Lifting Balm).
Individual Perm Sachets for total hygiene and minimal wastage (Sealed for freshness and one time use).

Gentle and effective gel formulation allowing easy control. Eyelash Perming insulator speeds up the perming process time and improves the efficiency of the treatment. Allows the eyelashes to curl naturally around the contour of the Silicon Curlers.

Για τις φίλες που έχουν παρακολουθήσει και ολοκληρώσει σεμινάρια στην Extending Beauty by KB ισχύουν ειδικές τιμές.

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