V01 Eyelash Glue 5ml (28€)

V01 Eyelash Glue 5ml (28€)


Our New Formula Glue, manufactured in Europe and fully compliant with EC regulations.

This Adhesive creates an undetectable bond which remains flexible and strong. Perfect for those looking for a strong bonding glue with thicker consistency.

Ideal for Volume lashes due to its thicker consistency and is a lot easier to work with than thinner consistency glues when using the volume technique.  Of course this adhesive can also be used for standard 1 to 1 application and Cluster Lashes.

Using the highest medically approved ingredients this glue has much less fumes than other strong glues whilst still retaining a strong retention.

Only a small amount of Adhesive is required for volume lashes, slightly more for standard 1 to 1 lashes.

Shelf Life 2 months once opened.

Super Fast drying time – 1-2 seconds

Bonding Time – 4-5 weeks

Colour – Black

Size – 5ml

IMPORTANT NOTE – This glue should be stored at room temperature.

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